Musings with the esoterics of Galactic Unity

Hunab Ku


Many in Hawai’i who understand the deeper esoteric meaning of the above Hawaiian word, Hanana, know it refers to “The Great Change”. The Mayans (ancient and living) know about it, the Hopi Indians know about it, ancient Egyptians (perhaps some contemporary) knew about it, and many other cultures and individuals around the world know about it. It has been called a “cosmic shift”, a “planetary consciousness alignment”, “an evolution towards unity”, and even “the end of time” as we presently know it. Call it what you will, but it is going on and has been for thousands of years. It has been advancing, again, for a very long time, and one characteristic of it is that it has been continually speeding up. RIGHT NOW, we are a very long ways up the road!

The speed of this change is advancing really fast, and it is advancing EXPONENTIALLY. This means that the RATE of speeding up is getting even FASTER. The change in consciousness expansion involves our perception of the apparent experience of moving in a straight line with TIME. Past, present and future. “Yeah right. Time doesn’t ever go faster or slow down.” Well hang on to your hats folks, yes it does. It is going on right now, all the time…pardon the pun. Movement through time is a matter of our PERCEPTION. I know some of you are going to say “Oh come on” at what I am going to write now, but why does everyone always say “Time goes by when you’re having fun”? It is simply such a common experience for EVERYBODY, that it has become a universally known colloquial. What’s with that? Again, time is a matter of conscious PERCEPTION. It doesn’t exist in shape or form perceived by the 5 senses. You can’t go down to Walmart and buy a container of fifteen extra hours because the next few days are going to be really busy. When you are thoroughly enjoying a particular experience you are very focused and concentration prevails. You are not paying any ATTENTION to time. Like you would at your job. What time do I start…oh man when is it lunchtime…whew, is it almost quitting time? (There is the exception to that, when you really LOVE your job. In that case there is never enough time).

Living your life demands your attention as to thought, word and deed. This Hanana is a conscious EXPANSION of awareness supporting a joyful, fascinating, deeper understanding and realization of a whole new reality for us to live and be in, as a collective planetary awareness. Much more unified, and a deeper understanding of the truth that the earth herself is just as “alive” with Being as all living beings existing upon her, in and above her. This fact includes the other planets, the star we rotate around, all the billions and billions of stars (suns) in our galaxy on out to the entire universe and beyond.

This shift in consciousness energetics, is focused and radiating primarily from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy…The Milky Way. This galaxy has now come into a position of alignment with other galaxies, and THEIR positions and relative rotations. It takes 280 million years (measured in earth years as a reference time) to complete one rotation. Its position and alignment goes through a constantly changing field. This constant change is directly associated with, as many speak of, a “Divine Plan”. This plan is cosmic in its complete wholeness. It involves in this physical plane, the whole and complete Universe down to the quantum level (and “lower levels” of Physics as scientists have undoubtedly yet to discover, as soon as they can create higher levels of mathematics and instruments to measure new levels. Plus it is conjunctive with other physical universes, any of our theorized alternate and parallel universes and all the different planes and dimensions located in “time and space”. Not to mention I have been writing only about the PHYSICAL universes.

Relating to “Cosmic Watcher and Witness”

Please note that I have placed a “Disclaimer” at the bottom of this post, regarding all I am writing in these presentations. There are folks who will take a look at this material who will see me all the way from a total nut job to those who completely identify with the truth and accuracy of what I write. Plus those anywhere in between. If you are looking for proof of my material in this presentation, you will not find it here. Would you demand from a psychic, medical intuitive or astrologer, proof of their information with a money back guarantee before you make an appointment for a reading? You won’t get it. It can’t be done.

These things are a matter of EXPERIENCE WITHIN one’s own self. The information is METAphysical, alchemical and esoteric. Look up the meaning of those words. These things cannot be proven or “measured” by earth plane conceptualization from an intellectual standpoint. From mother India we have the two words…”Varnatmak” and “Dhunyatmak”. Varnatmak refers to inner thoughts and ideas that can be written, read or spoken. Dhunyatmak refers to these same things, but they simply CANNOT be written, read or spoken. There are no words in any language or sounds that can be made that can describe or communicate these extremely subtle perceptions within oneself.

An example of this (although not the truest example because I am able to write about it) is when O’ Sensei, the Founder of Aikido, said “the whole concept came to me in a purple cloud”. The best explanation of the concept he received is a total involvement in the experience of continual PRACTICE of the movements themselves as a meditation. Yet he did write about the usefulness and benefit of this practice. The cardinal theosophy is rendering disharmonious and conflicting energetics into balance, equanimity, and therefore RESOLUTION. It is NOT a fighting martial art. O’ Sensei said the first response to a seeming “threat” you cannot control, is to walk or run away. But if someone forces you into protecting yourself or others, the intention becomes to “render an opponent harmless without harming him”.

Another story about deep thoughtless inspiration coming to someone without any outside input, is a case of my own. I was meditating in the “Star Motel” in Sedona Arizona, when this “bolt” of energy passed through me and quite literally almost knocked me off the chair. I became aware of a message delivered without the use of any words, a concept, which I was able to convert to specific words. It “said” if I were to change my name to a couple of words very dear to me, in all planes and dimensions, and “anchor it in” with my physical signature on the legal document, it would “greatly enhance my ability to express my True Being”. I did it, just as soon as I could file the legal document in court. The witness to this information was immediate and remains ongoing. I cannot tell you how many times over the years people have said to me, “You really seem like a Shiloh”, or “That name really suits you”, or “That’s a perfect name for you”. This was before the movie “A Dog named Shiloh” came out or Neil Diamond’s song “Shiloh”. I had heard the word Shiloh before, an example being the “Songs of Shiloh” from the Civil War”, and in the Bible Shiloh was the name of the place where the Arc of the Covenant was kept. Since that time many years ago the name Shiloh has become more common for males or females. Witness the name of one of Brad and Angelina’s children, a female, Shiloh.

The constellation of Orion has been an object of affection, and an ongoing source of new thought for me since I was a small child. Hours and hours and hours of “communing with the stars”. Changing my last name to Orion to express those energies was absolutely perfect. This relates to “Cosmic Watcher and Witness” perfectly. The intention of the witness aspect is to speak of the changes I have been invariably “shown” in the awareness of the evolution of consciousness as I have lived my life. My own and my dearest friends, but especially the whole of the planet. (Oh God, it seems SOOO long since I was a young child.) As a really simple example of this witnessing…do you remember (if you are old enough) that in 1950 a “yogi” was a man in a loincloth in India who could lie down on a bed of sharp nails with no visible harm to him. Now there are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world practicing kinds of “yoga”…yogi’s. I put the quotes around yoga as there are applications of yoga practice that have nothing to do with the purest definition of the word, nor intention.

I now look upon myself as having incarnated on this special “Blue Crystal” in space with others of the first waves of Starseed. I was not even able to think of such a thing for the first part of my life. I was born in 1946. Like so many others later on I experienced the “waking up” to the awareness of just who and what “I” am.

There were soul/mind entities that came here then, and many more by this present time, who made an agreement before being “squished” into this physical body (love that word squished). We came for the specific purpose of Hanana. To aid and assist this consciousness upliftment for everyone. A powerful Galactic “radiation” from the Central Sun of the Milky Way.

This energy influence is by no means only in the physical plane. This influence cannot be seen with a telescope. The physics/mathematicians have theorized that there is quite the opposite, a black hole at the center of every galaxy. In fact we have just now created actual images of the event horizon of the black hole at the center of the galaxy Messier 87. Another GALAXY. I find it rather poetic that a Hawaiian language professor has put forth the name “Powehi” for the super massive black hole. Powehi means “Embellished dark source of unending creation”. It is also quite interesting that the IAU, the International Astronomical Union which is responsible for naming celestial objects, doesn’t hold control over naming a black hole in another galaxy. They only name objects within OUR galaxy. I say let’s go with Powehi…a very beautiful name for a black hole.

I will conclude this post with an image from Mayan Majix below, as well as a link to a video by Ian Xel Lundgold about the design of Mayan pyramids, which are “outpicturings” of human evolution. The Mayans were “keepers of time”. A fascinating talk which totally witnesses all I am saying. Especially as I mentioned above about time advancing exponentially. It is rather long (over three hours) so I suggest watching the first fifteen minutes or so and then skip forward some and watch that part for a few minutes. Be sure to stop at 1:20:00 minutes for a while.

Future posts will talk about such things as grids and grid “lines”, the present evolution of the FemininePrinciple (Hawaiian word is Wahine, but written words were unnecessary in ancient Hawaii. They “transferred” their information to each other by speaking or better yet, by helping another get meaning to an experience through their own Na’au. We won’t even get into now, the significance of THAT word) and touch into the reality of “sacred” sights around the world.


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